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We have a self-commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all people that work for us and to comply with binding commitments. Work safety and environment are important company values which always have to be included in all aspects of our business activities.

Each person that stays in one of our production plants must respect and act according this policy.

No accidents and no occupational illness are our top priority. We achieve this by effective prevention, reviewing our attitude and by operating structured actions.

Our declared target is that our employees and people which come in contact with the risks of our activities are exposed to these risks as little as possible. For that reason we use safe technologies and processes and comply with legal commitments.

Prevention and anticipatory taking of measures to maintain safety and thus healthiness of our employees has a high significance in this connection a continuous improvement of work safety is in the front.

We aim at minimization of:
•    use of energy and promote usage of renewable energies whenever it is possible.
•    usage of natural ressources by using alternative ressources.

We generate a positive dialog with involved stakeholders and consider their point of views and opinions.
Passion for safety and transparency are two core capabilities of our managers. On each level the manager is always responsible to implement this policy effectively in his field of activity. In case requirements are not fulfilled or not followed appropriate corrective actions must be initiated and implemented.
Our work safety and environmental management system sets goals and pursuits a continuous improvement of the results.
The work safety and environmental management system is based on clear responsibilities, integration of employees, guidelines, communication, risk management, training, evaluations and audits.