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Our product group components provides components used especially in the areas of safety, comfort and driving assistance

For example, within a multifunctional steering wheel, our clockspring transmits precise signals for cruise control, infotainment or airbag release. 

The centerpiece is the flexible flat cable, consisting of 0.035mm copper foils. The secure contact and the optimal winding present special challenges during the manufacturing process, in order to continue functioning precisely and within milliseconds even after millions of steering movements.

Molded Plugs, sensor wiring and mechatronic components 
Many of our connectors and sensor wiring systems are installed in utility vehicles or are part of the life-saving brake. Exact reliability and material durability must therefore be ensured even after a million kilometres – even after constant vibration and mechanical wear, as well as in extreme conditions such as use on building sites, in the desert or extremely cold regions. 

  • Clockspring for airbag and infotainment
  • Temperature sensors
  • Sensor wiring
  • Mechatronic components