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Business principles

With this CRS Charta Nexans autoelectric adheres to the UN Global Compact and integrates these standards for Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) in its corporate strategy. By adhering to the UN Global Compact, Nexans autoelectric affirms its obligation to respect the fundamental 
principles in the area of human rights, labour standards, environment and  corruption combat. Further this CSR Charter attents Nexans autoelectric ́s determination of promoting and sharing the application of the CSR principles with its employees based on mutual trust and in common interest. Therefore Nexans autoelectric selects its employees according to its equal opportunities policy and warrants fair labour standards. Together with its employees Nexans autoelectric molds the relationship to its business partners through open and competitive tenders and communication and strives to ensure that all tenders and received calls for tenders are given equal consideration. 


Employees principles

Nexans autoelectric requests employees to take part in its CSR approach by commiting themselves in a continuous improvement approach towards the principles 
listed in this charter. The CSR Charter establishes the principles that all employees shall adhere to their activities worldwide. For principles listed in the following 
section, employees of Nexans autoelectric shall adhere to them and comply with international, national and local laws and regulations which are applicable to their 
activities  within  Nexans  autoelectric  and  worldwide  in  all  countries  in  which  they  operate.  Respect  of  the  charter  will  be  considered  within  the employment relationship. Nexans autoelectric encourages its Employees to join and promote these principles in their own sphere of influence.


Ethics and Business Conduct

Corruption is incompatible with the ethics of Nexans autoelectric and its support to UN Global Compact. Employees shall conduct their business according to 
the principles of honesty, equity and in compliance with the rules and regulations prohibiting corruption in commercial transactions.


Gifts & Invitations
Employees do not to offer or receive any gifts or invitations to or from business partners that could influence or be considered as intended to influence the judgement of the receipient. Gifts offered purely as a courtesy are acceptable only if they remain within the reasonable limits fixed by applicable law and customary ommercial 
practices. Gifts in cash are never acceptable.


Employees act in accordance with the principles of fair competition and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Conflict of Interest
Employees don‘t take part in or seek to influence decision under circumstances that can rise an actual or perceived conflict of interest. These circumstances may be a business or a personal interest, economically or otherwise, direct or through someone closely related. If Employees become aware of a potential conflict of interest they will, without delay, notify Nexans autoelectric.

Environment & Product

Employees are commited to minimize impact on the environment on their activities and develop solutions that contribute preserving it and saving energy. Employees comply with environmental legislation, commit to implement environmental management principles and systems and aim for continuous improvement.


Product Responsibility
Employees are commited to incorporate environmental, health and safety criteria into their activities (Purchase, Sale, Design, Production). Employees provide accurate information to Nexans autoelectric about environmental impact of their activities or Products, of which they may have or gain knowledge.

Human Rights & Labour Standard

Forced & Child Labour
Nexans autoelectric commits to respect the international human rights laws, eliminate all forms of illegal, forced or compulsory labour and reject child labour.


Diversity & Fairness
Nexans autoelectric respects equal oportunities rights and seek to provide their Employees with a work environment free of discrimination or harassment of any kind whatsoever. Employees are treated with fairness and dignity.


Labour Relations
Nexans autoelectric respects the rights of associations, Employees to form or join the unions and workers‘ organizations of their choice and to participate in collective negotiations.


Working Conditions & Training
Nexans autoelectric complies with local legislation regarding working hours and minimum wages and strive to provide to its Employees development programs and trainings.


Health & Safety
Nexans autoelectric deploys necessary recources to ensure the health and safety of their Employees in their workplace, through continous improvement, according to applicable legislation and health and safety management system.



Conflict Minerals
Nexans autoelectric is committed to take actions to avoid illegal and unethical metal sourcing from Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries. Nexans autoelectric complys with processes aimed to ensure that 3TG contained in products do not originate from mines within the DRC and the surrounding region.


Ground rules for employees

Implemention and continous improvement of these principles must be a primary concern of Nexans autoelectric and its Employees. By entering into a contractual 
relationship, Nexans autoelectric and its Employees undertake to make their best efforts to comply with the principles of the CSR Charter, to implement a continous improvement in accordance with these principles, to promote a similar relationship and a continous improvement  approach vis-à-vis their Business Partners, and to ensure commitment of all Business Partners to the same principles. Employees detecting a violation of any principle of this CSR charta are encouraged to communicate this incident openly towards their direct or indirect supervisors or to the managing director (CEO) of the company. To communicate openly will always be considered as active collaboration to reach the goals of the company and will never be of any disadvantage for the employee.