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1966 - 1979

Kabel- und Metallwerke Neumeyer, Nürnberg build the subsidiary KMF (Kabel- und Metallwerke Floß) in Floß in the Upper Palatinate. 
The plant manager and driving force is Klaus Gärtner. 



From household appliances to the automobile industry
The first products are electrical wiring and small wiring harnesses for household appliances, computers and agricultural vehicles.

At the end of the 1960s, the first customers from the automobile industry include BMW, Ford and Porsche. 

An important step towards greater independence
In 1973, Floß takes over sales activities from the main plant in Nürnberg and is now responsible itself for customer services and acquisition.

1980 - 1989

In 1981, the cable and wiring manufacturing at Kabel- und Metallwerke Gutehoffnungshütte is outsourced to a new subsidiary: kabelmetal electro GmbH based in Hanover. Floß now operates under the name kabelmetal electro, product area automotive electrics. 


The connection with France is forged 
In 1982, kabelmetal electro GmbH, Hanover, is sold to Les Cables de Lyon –
Floß thereby becomes part of a French corporation.

The company establishes itself as a competent supplier to the automobile industry
The main products are now wiring harnesses and wiring for automobile producers and system manufacturers. 

Following the introduction of ABS, our connectors for brake systems are in high demand. The little area of business grows significantly. 

1990 - 1999

The independence of the Upper Palatinate automobile supplier manifests legally: the company emerges on the market as ke autoelectric GmbH. The first international locations were established in 1993. 

In 1991, Les Cables de Lyon is taken over by Alcatel.

Independence becomes outwardly visible
The independence of the Upper Palatinate automobile supplier manifests legally: the company emerges on the market as ke autoelectric GmbH. 

Using the crisis as an opportunity
A difficult period starts at the Floß location: series production is discontinued at the end of 1994. 

Owing to the start of internationalization of production and technical innovations, the company becomes significantly more competitive. 

1993 and 1997 bring the first plants in the Czech Republic and Romania.  

From a blueprint supplier to a system supplier
The company takes on increasing responsibility towards its customers. 

The closeness to customers grows
In 1996, the first engineer works for a customer on site. Just a few years later, Nexans autoelectric is represented on site at all main customers. 

New product field – passive safety components 
With the clockspring – a coil spring for transmitting signals for airbag release – Alcatel autoelectric beats a new path.

Change in leadership
The first managing director, Klaus Gärtner, bids farewell into retirement. 
Dr. Wolfgang Scheideler and Andreas Wolf – who have both already worked at the company for several years – take over corporate management. 

2000 - 2009

Alcatel restructures and allocates all cable activities to a new corporate group: Nexans is created. Alcatel autoelectric becomes Nexans autoelectric.


Leap across to America
autoelectric of America starts up in 2001 in Texas and intensifies the activities on the American market. 

Rapid growth and economic crisis 2008/2009
The group grows worldwide: additional plants are set up in Romania, Tunisia, Mexico and the Slovak Republic. From 2000 to 2007, the corporate group doubles its turnover to 193 million euros. 
Nexans autoelectric has long since established itself among its customers as a development and system partner and takes on additional tasks such as validation and worldwide test drives. 

E-mobility – pioneering work
In 2005, Nexans autoelectric registers a patent for the high-voltage cabling of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Within just 7 months, Nexans autoelectric develops the complete high-voltage cabling for an electric test vehicle, which hits the streets worldwide in 2008. 

2010 - 2019

In 2011, Nexans autoelectric Tianjin is founded to work the Asian market from there and to establish itself. In 2016, the second Chinese production plant is launched. 

Further production plants are added in America, Europe and North Africa. Nexans autoelectric runs customer offices on site at all automobile customers. 


Performance pays off
In 2010, after intensive development work, the Nexans autoelectric corporate group starts the partially automated series production of wiring harnesses and thereby becomes one of the market leaders for this process. 

In 2012, the group receives the acclaim “Supplier of the Year” from Daimler and General Motors and consequently asserts itself worldwide ahead of several hundred suppliers. 

Series production for electric and hybrid vehicles
In 2013, the company starts series production for e-vehicles. Over the following years, further assignments from leading automobile manufacturers are added. 

Practice and science
Nexans autoelectric has been a Partner-Circle-member of OTH Amberg-Weiden since 2012. 
The first German master’s study course for vehicle electrical systems starts at the university in Landshut. Nexans autoelectric and four further companies from the automobile sector make this step possible through their financial support. 


The group continues its worldwide growth and plans further plants in Europe, South America and Asia. 


Strategic partnerships with automobile producers continue to gain importance and Nexans autoelectric will take on even more system responsibility as a wiring harness manufacturer. 

Complexity and safety requirements are increasing considerably and with it the importance of miniaturization and automated manufacturing processes. 

E-vehicles are on the advance and Nexans autoelectric will continue to develop the business field of 48-volt and high-voltage cabling.