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Safe energy and signal transmissions for autonomous driving and connectivity are gaining importance and the data volumes in the vehicle are continuously increasing. 
Coupled with the requirement to save weight and therefore CO2, the challenges faced by intelligent cabling systems and components are becoming greater. 


With each new customer project, we ask ourselves the decisive questions: where can we use lighter and smaller, but at the same time robust materials and reduce wire cross-sections? How must the wiring harness architecture be designed to securely fulfill all functions within the narrowest of spaces? How must the manufacturing processes be set up accordingly?

Our customers benefit from our longstanding competence in the various specialist fields and the associated innovation-driving synergy effects. For example, our decades of experience in injection molding technology supports high-voltage application solutions. Our specialist knowledge of automation provides answers to extremely high safety requirements and increasing miniaturization. Functional components designed in-house facilitate customized solutions specific to installation spaces. 

With future-oriented creativity and technical competence, our engineers are guaranteed to find the optimal solution for the product, customer and process.