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Supplier relationships

Before you can become one of our partners, we need some important information about your company. For this purpose, please fill in the supplier questionnaire in full.  We will check your details carefully and evaluate them, in order to take your company into targeted consideration for suitable enquiries.

Of course, we treat your details confidentially.

Production materials:

  • Plastic molded parts, coated plastic parts, 2 K molded parts (hard - soft)
  • Elastomer molded parts (nozzles, closing plugs…)
  • Plugs and contacts
  • Adhesive tapes, wrapping tapes etc.
  • Corrugated pipes, shrink tubing

Investments, operating materials, services

  • Machines for cable finishing
  • Test benches and modules
  • Equipment and tools
  • Packaging, chemicals
  • Office furniture, office material
  • IT equipment