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As a development and system supplier, we bear a high degree of responsibility towards our customers, which means delivering 100 percent quality throughout the process chain

This already starts in the development phase, when our teams from the various specialist departments search for the best solutions. It then continues in the manufacturing process, when our specialists from production, quality and process development ensure optimal manufacturing and testing methods, for example through partially automated wiring harness production, automated visual inspections or computer-aided pinning workspaces. 

Comprehensive tests and validations accompany the entire development and manufacturing process. These include in-house procedures such as vibration tests, temperature examinations, simulations and FMEAs for design, parts, product and process, as well as testing by external institutes. 

The latest quality standards IATF 16949DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 45001 in the automobile industry are a matter of course for us.