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Our engine wiring harnesses ensure perfect motor management and meet the highest standards for a wide variety of vehicle types. Conventionally driven vehicles still harbor a great deal of potential when it comes to increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. As an innovative wiring harness producer, we supply products that contribute to saving weight and space in the vehicle, despite a high mechanical and thermal load, thereby reducing Co2 emissions. Our engineers succeed in this for example through a cable set geometry that saves installation space, the use of miniaturized components or material-saving functional bundling. 

With our vehicle electrical system components and individual cabling for special applications, products by Nexans autoelectric are present throughout the vehicle. Difficult installation situations or an extreme lack of installation space present particular challenges that our specialists rise to with sophisticated wiring system architectures or installation space adaptations. 

In light of the increase in electrical customers for driving assistance or safety systems, automobile manufacturers are increasingly using the 48-volt wiring system. Nexans autoelectric is one of the players in this field, offering specially developed wiring harnesses.

  • Engine wiring harnesses 
  • Customer-specific wiring systems
  • Highly flexible wiring harnesses
  • Stable wiring harnesses 
  • 48-volt supply wiring for vehicle electrical system