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Nexans autoelectric - Group strives to execute any and all processes and activities in respect of the environment and thus acts in accordance with the below guidelines:

Management and senior staff ensure all employees are adequately informed, have the know-how required and are being trained (if necessary) so that they are able to perform all tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.

We openly discuss our activities' potential environmental impact with our neighbors, all relevant authorities and institutions but also with all concerned parties. For all significant hazard situations and areas we maintain up-to-date emergency plans that are available to all employees concerned.

We continuously improve our processes and technologies and aim at using materials and energy efficiently, minimizing waste and negative environmental impact, and disposing of residual waste safely.

We analyze and assess the environmental impact prior to any commissioning, decommissioning and any dismantling or disassembly of plants or parts thereof.

By applying our initiative "Nexans Excellence Way" and best practices, we strive to make all plants, service providers and suppliers work in accordance with defined standards.

We encourage employee environmental awareness within the scope of the continuous improvement process.

Guidelines and specific requirements are based on relevant legal provisions and are regularly checked for compliance. Technological progress and updated environmental information serve to continuously improve them.

Our environmental objectives serve to facilitate the implementation of our corporate policy. Targets take into consideration significant environmental aspects but also technical, financial and operational requirements.

If standards are not met or requirements are not complied with, respective corrective measures are to be taken and implemented.