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48 volts in the updraft

Floß, July 2019. With its fifth business deal in the 48 Volt cabling segment, Nexans autoelectric has further strengthened its position in this growing market segment. Starting in 2022, the company expects this to yield a turnover of around 50 million Euros.
Cable harnesses for 48 Volt on-board electrical systems go hand in hand with larger cable cross-sections. The 35 to 50 mm² thick cables require special expertise and suitable production equipment.

48 volt electrical systems are becoming increasingly important in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions. On the one hand, the weight of the cable harnesses can be significantly reduced, as the necessary power transmission at a 12 Volt level would require much larger cable cross-sections. On the other hand, the now reasonable use of an electric turbocharger leads to higher engine efficiency.