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Sebastian Schusser - Project Leader in Engineering

After my almost four-year practical education comprising the dual study of electrical engineering and information technology, my professional start as a Product Developer was the next logical step – for me and Nexans autoelectric. The insights I was able to gain into the various company departments during my training make it easier for me to view problems from different perspectives and to find suitable solutions. Furthermore, I am able to apply my knowledge of automated manufacturing processes from my bachelor thesis to my everyday work.

In the meantime, as a Project Manager, I am responsible for one of our OEM customers. For me it represents a major proof of the trust placed in me that I was able to assume project responsibility within a relatively short time, which involves both customer coordination and the controlling of internal processes and duties. I find it exciting how closely product and process engineering are intertwined and repeatedly lead to innovations.

Internal and external learning

Lifelong learning, with further education and training, are essential in my opinion, because environmentally friendly mobility and processes are constantly developing. For Nexans autoelectric, this still harbors many interesting challenges that I would like to take on as a team and thereby actively contribute to shaping the future.


Support makes many things much easier

I perceived collegial interaction and mutual support as very positive already during my studies and nothing has changed up until this day.