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Expert knowledge and simultaneously keeping an eye on the big picure at the same time – both are important skills a electrical wiring systems developer should have. Complex demands for electrical wiring systems in the vehicle rise with autonomous driving and increasing safety requirements.

Companies offer Master's degree courses

Together with four other companies from the automotive industry, Nexans autoelectric has set up an endowed chair at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences as the knowledge required is only partially covered by mechanical and electrical engineering courses. Since 2015 Nexans autoelectric has supported the course financially as well as with personnel.

Nexans autoelectric on-site –  Science and practical know-how benefit from each other 

As part of the module lecture Construction Dr. Helmut Steinberg, Head of Predevelopment at Nexans autoelectric, conveys special know-how in wire harness design to the students and demonstrates how concept, construction, process technology as well as logistics and modifications management depend are interdependent. 
In the real business world it matters to deliver a 100% reliable product over the entire service life – even with the thousandth technical change or the hundredth variant or larger volume fluctuations.

Dr. Helmut Steinberg enjoys working with young people. With practical examples and products, he vividly combines science and practice and makes the complexity understandable. Ultimately,  it is always about developing the best solutions for the diverse challenges of future mobility.

The colour orange is always present in the lectures: high-voltage wire harnessess for electric vehicles - and there is still a lot of potential in them.