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Ingrid Barancikova - Logistics Materials Requirements Planner

Electroconnect is something of a second home for me. After all, I have worked here since 2008 and have seen at first hand the company grow into one of the largest employers in Trebisov.

As a Materials Requirements Planner, I ensure that the many different materials that are used for making our cable harnesses are available at the right place at the right time. In our semi-automated and strictly time-synchronized production processes, a missing or wrong part can have significant consequences.

Change of perspective
When I started this job, I never dreamed that I would end up working in my current area of responsibility. I started as a production worker, and two years later, I became the supervisor of a larger group of production workers. I was eventually offered a position in our Logistics Department. That was a huge leap for me. The initial months were not easy, but my colleagues and supervisors gave me great support. It is a great feeling when your own expertise grows and you are able to master difficult situations successfully.
More than a job
Anyone who is committed and ready to accept new challenges will find opportunities and support at Electroconnect. That's exactly what I appreciate about our company. A company, moreover, that places great importance on community and being there for each other. Joint celebrations, excursions or scholarship funds are just a few examples of this.