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Gabriel Babiak - Master Cutter and Maintenance Manager

From testing to designing. This is probably how my biography at Electroconnect could be summarized in one sentence. When I started at Electroconnect in 2013, my main task was to test cable harnesses for electrical functionality. After a while, I was able to train other employees and occasionally take on responsibilities as an Assistant Supervisor. Both of these strengthened my decision to pursue further professional development. 

When the on-site cutting facility was built, new opportunities opened up for me – new production processes, international exchange with colleagues, and, finally, the responsibility of heading our cutting facility. The in-house English courses helped me enormously in international communication. For some time now, I have also been responsible for maintenance. From a technical point of view, this is a great supplement to my existing tasks and is an incentive for me to learn new things.

It is great to have your interests encouraged
Electroconnect regularly grants an “Employee of the Month” award. I have already received this title twice, which was an additional motivation for me.
Resumé of my career so far: Technical knowledge alone is not a deciding factor. It is also necessary to have communication skills, a sense of responsibility, the will to take decisions and – last but not least – a company that encourages its employees.