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Daniel Mühlbauer – Project Engineer

Seoul, Rüsselsheim, Poland, Gaffney – so far, I have not seen much of Floß in the Upper Palatinate, the headquarters of the Nexans autoelectric Group, as my previous working locations were all situated at some distance from it. Nevertheless, I know many of my colleagues from Floß, as we regularly meet each other in the course of joint projects at our various development and production locations worldwide.

Other countries, other cultures, new perspectives
For me, starting at Nexans autoelectric also meant getting used to a new working and living culture. In Seoul, my colleagues and I set up the local Nexans autoelectric development office and established processes, structures and customer projects within a short time. Without entering into the mentality of the country, all this would certainly not have worked out so well. 
As a team leader, I obtained a great deal of insight into other areas of the company, thereby gaining new perspectives. It is great that Nexans autoelectric placed so much trust in me as a Junior Project Manager.

As soon as this task was completed, I was offered the opportunity of supporting our team in America for a time. The prospect of new tasks, projects for e-vehicles and a culture new to me were the deciding factors in my decision. I accepted the offer and went to America. After the first few weeks in my new environment, I can already draw initial positive conclusions. The support for my relocation went very well and my American colleagues welcomed me warmly. That makes everything so much easier. After a short training period in our design office in Poland (Ohio), I am now in Gaffney (South Carolina) and concentrating on project work for the biggest customer of Autoelectric of America.

Much more than you might think at first glance
As a mechanical engineer, cars played hardly any role in my career aspirations. However, in the meantime, I have become fascinated by automotive technology. Innovations in vehicles are not always recognizable at first glance. This applies especially to our cable harnesses. In fact, every new model requires new detailed solutions, always adapted to the entire vehicle system and with a view to economy.
In short, there is a lot more to it than you might think at first!