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Bill Huang – Senior Manager, Operations

My career at Nexans autoelectric began in 2013 as Production Manager for the area of cutting. A view to the overall success of the company and thinking outside the box have always been important to me, consequently just half a year after joining I was able in addition to take on responsibility for the areas of maintenance and mounting.

Greater responsibility also means being willing to learn and gather new experiences – a decisive condition for carrying out new tasks successfully.

Our figures speak for themselves

In 2016, Nexans autoelectric Tianjin opened a second plant in Siping with a surface area of 11,000m². We are proud that the production launch was so good and rapid – especially thanks to an extremely motivated and team-oriented group. This is no doubt also one of the reasons why we have hitherto always succeeded in solving difficult tasks optimally. Customer satisfaction and 100% regarding quality and supply service, as well as high productivity, are our focus – and when I look at our figures I believe that we are succeeding very well in this.

Curious about the future

I have been the Plant Manager in Tianjin since 2016 and am therefore responsible not only for production, but also for the whole site.

I am very curious what developments the forthcoming years will bring. Our targeted growth will for sure bring many more exciting and challenging tasks, but this is precisely what motivates me and my team: converting new challenges into positive results.