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Nexans autoelectric Tianjin Co. Ltd. - Tianjin

Plant 15, Xinyesan Street 18, West Zone of TEDA, 
Tianjin, 300462

Tel.: +86 22 60978718-8033
Fax: +86 22 60978718-8111

Gründung: 2011
Zertifikate: IATF 16949

You are responsible for the overall quality managment of the plant and will perform audits according to Quality System Standard as well as hire new team members. You need a minimum of 3 years leadership experience as well as experience in the automotive industry. Internal audit certification is required.

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Nexans autoelectric Tianjin Co. Ltd. - Siping

No 9, North of Guangming Street, Lao Siping Industrial Park
Changtu County, Tieling City, Liaoning Province,
112509 Siping

Tel.: +86 22 60978718

Gründung: 2016
Zertifikate: IATF 16949