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Julian Steiner - Software Developer

As a junior software developer, I get to learn every day and also to work independently – this functions really well in small teams and with a good mentor by my side. At least that’s how I remember my experience when I look back on my first year at Nexans autoelectric. Since then, I have been part of our international project team for customer-specific cable sets – KSK 2.0 for short – and develop solutions for different modules. I had previously studied KSK primarily in engineering and logistics, but now my understanding of it is completely different. 

Communicating – structuring – finding creative solutions
Pretty much every department in the company is involved. All systems have to be synchronized. From an IT perspective, this is a fairly complex and challenging task. It makes intensive cooperation between the various in-house departments particularly important because ultimately it is about understanding the requirements of the respective departments, structuring them and converting them into user-friendly tools. At the same time, I can contribute my own ideas to find the right solutions or to optimize processes. That’s what I like so much about my job – communication with the various departments, working together in our IT teams, programming for the front and back ends and designing databases. This diversity is also reflected in the different programming languages that I use every day: for example, C# for desktop applications, often HTML5, CSS or Javascript for web applications and primarily Java and Python for other things. Creativity and structured thinking are required in equal measure for everything.
Naturally, interaction with my colleagues also plays an important role. The good impression that I gained of my fellow workers during my student internship a few years ago has proved to be completely true. In a word, I am very happy.

The next step: Dual studies in information technology 
If everything works out well – and it currently looks like it will – I will be starting my dual studies in information technology at a university in the area in the winter semester of 2020. This is the right path for me because it gives me the perfect opportunity to combine scientific learning at the university with the practical and exciting challenges at Nexans autoelectric.