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Facts and figures show economic success – while corporate culture and human interaction show the character of a company. It is this that our employees and stories speak about.



Sebastian Mihaly

Head of Department Material Management

Traveling through countries and cultures provided an excellent basis

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Gregor Spuhler

Head of Quality Management

Medium-sized structures bring developmental strength

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Claudius Grüner

Head of Product Design and Engineering  

Always with a view to the future

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Markus Hör

Product Developer

Going for it has been worthwile

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Bill Huang

Senior Manager, Operations

Opportunities are always given to those who are prepared.

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Du Yingjian

Process Engineer

With our results-oriented and at the same time appreciative communication, we succeed in satisfying our customers to a high degree.

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Barbara Haubner

Group Leader of Customer Logistics Processes and Systems

From summer job to internship to group leader. Everything just fit.


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