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Sebastian Mihaly- Head of Department Material Management

My roots lie in Romania and from there I started out in 2007 as a Production Planner at Nexans autoelectric group. Three years later, I was assigned the task of installing shipping control in the Czech Republic. The experiences I was able to gather there went on to be a valuable basis for the successful development of the logistical organization as part of our new activity in China. I was able to successfully bring the wealth of knowledge and insights I had gained regarding various cultures into the next project: the conception and realization of a logistics structure across all plants.

Since 2014, I have been responsible for the entire material management of all European locations of our corporate group and the supply to our companies in America and China.

I am motivated by constantly developing suitable answers to the challenges that our growth and changes bring and driving processes forward together with my team.

Using expertise appropriately

As a Head of Department, it is important to me to always take the time to listen to individuals, whether it involves technical matters or personal concerns. I aim to support the particular strengths of each employee, as ultimately it is the dedication and expertise of our employees that drive our company forwards.

Proactive instead of waiting

Looking back, I value the fact that I was able to be involved in various countries and areas of responsibility during the initial years, to which I was able to contribute actively with new ideas, as this corresponds to my nature. And with regard to the future, I am already looking forward to the forthcoming global projects and the search for the best solutions.