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Facts and figures show economic success – while corporate culture and human interaction show the character of a company. It is this that our employees and stories speak about.



Jorge Enrique Guasti Lerma

Production Manager

The leap from process development engineer to production manager was a big challenge for me. It´s good to be supported and encouraged by colleagues and supervisors.

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Sonia Carolina Chavez Arenas

Junior Product Engineer

It is always challenging to cleverly combine the different demands for the product design. The experience I was able to gain from the quality area proved to be very useful.

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Daniel Alejandro Chavez Rodriguez

Junior Industrial Engineer

Starting as a trainee was the ideal basis for my current project work.

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Barbara Haubner

Group Leader of Customer Logistics Processes and Systems

From summer job to internship to group leader. Everything just fit.

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Sebastian Mihaly

Head of Department Material Management

Traveling through countries and cultures provided an excellent basis

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Gregor Spuhler

Head of Quality Management

Medium-sized structures bring developmental strength

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Claudius Grüner

Head of Product Design and Engineering  

Always with a view to the future

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Science and Practice – Master’s course „Bordnetzentwicklung“

Nexans autoelectric supports the germany-wide unique master's course at the university in Landshut.  

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Kerstin Boes 

Student in the dual master course 

After completing my Bachelor thesis, my next goal is to have my Master in the bag by 2021. Nexans autoelectric continues to support me in combining my job and studies in the best...

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Shirley Liu

Executive Employee, Acquisition & Project

Interesting projects and a great team are always a motivation for me.

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Sebastian Schusser

Project Leader in Engineering

Lifelong learning, with further education and training, are essential in my opinion, because environmentally friendly mobility and processes are constantly developing.

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Daniel Mühlbauer

Project Engineer

It was great that Nexans autoelectric placed so much trust in me as a Junior Project Manager and that I was able to set up a new development office in Seoul together with my colleagues.

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Julian Steiner

Software Developer

Software development means communicating, structuring and finding creative solutions. This works especially well in a great team.

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