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RALF RUPP – FMEA Coordinator

A tip by an employee was decisive for my application to Nexans autoelectric and shortly afterwards in 2012 I made a start in the area of Product Development.

A dream job

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been the FMEA Coordinator with primary responsibility for training and coordinating the FMEA facilitators at our plants. The experiences with Design FMEAs during my previous position in Product Development have been very beneficial for me. Seeing how the results of my work lead to concrete improvements regarding process stability and robust design is what I really enjoy and what motivates me to keep bringing in new ideas.

There is no doubt that the interpersonal environment also contributes substantially to my job satisfaction. I particularly like the uncomplicated and open interaction between colleagues and superiors. My experience is that involvement, pragmatic approaches to problems and honest communication yield positive benefits in the end. As both an employee and sportsperson, I am pleased when team spirit and fairness are valued highly – as these are essential for shared success.

Perfect work-life balance

So that my wife and I can reconcile professional life and children, it is very important for me to be able to adjust my working hours to family requirements: creche, preschool, school – the schedules vary and require a certain degree of flexibility. My superiors have always accommodated this. My conclusion: family, work and leisure can be combined perfectly. This is practiced work-life balance, even if we do not call it that here.